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Made For This

Reed Moore
Sep-Oct 2022

Explore the topic of purpose as we investigate the questions of why we’re here, what we’re supposed to do and what it’s all for.

You'll Be Glad You Did

Andy Stanley and April Farmer
Aug-Sep 2022

Good decisions get us where we want to go, and wisdom fills the gaps when we're wondering what do to.

Voices: Sandra Stanley

Sandra Stanley
Jun 19, 2022

Sandra Stanley shares five wishes she has for all of us.

Voices: Gerald Fadayomi

Gerald Fadayomi
Jun 05, 2022

It’s possible to look for all the right things in all the wrong places.

Worth It

Reed Moore
Feb 2022

Worth It is a 3 week series in Ephesians that drives home the point that where your time goes your life will follow.