Waumba Land

6 Weeks–Pre-K

Preschool child walking outside church building.

Helping preschoolers discover God in a fun and engaging way

Parenting is an important job. You want to get it right, and we want to help! 

We have a plan to help your child discover God no matter their age! There’s a lot of jumping, singing, dancing, learning, and laughter in every experience!

Every child will learn:

• God MADE me.
• God LOVES me.
• Jesus wants to be my FRIEND forever.

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This month in Waumba Land, your child is learning...

june big idea
june conversation card

Conversation Card

Have a great conversation with your preschooler.

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june verse cling

Verse of the Month

Have fun learning this month’s Bible verse.

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Waumba Land Online - June 23

June 23, 2024

Queen Esther had to be brave and do something big to help a lot of people. She knew it was the right thing, but she had to trust God to do it!

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