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Preschooler learning verse, by playing the Verse Hop

Get Ready for Some Fun!

Play the Verse Hop 

We have a great Bible verse this month and a fun way to learn it!

Here’s how to play: 

    1. Tape five large squares in a row on the floor.
    2. Encourage your child to say part of the verse as they hop in each square. Make it fun by having them do silly actions as they hop from square to square (spin in a circle, jump with hands in the air, etc.). 

      “Above all (hop) love (hop) each other (hop) deeply (hop)” 1 Peter 4:8 (hop)! 

Bonus: Play outside and use chalk to make your squares!

Put this month’s verse cling where your family can see it and keep practicing! Your preschooler will learn it in no time.