An environment designed with your middle schooler in mind.

transit host on stage with two middle school girls

Helping Middle Schoolers discover a faith of their own

Transit meets at 9:15 and 11:15 a.m. on Sundays at Gwinnett Church.

This environment is specifically designed for your middle school student to engage with their friends and experience community with their small group. We will have games, activities, and messaging created with your middle schooler in mind!


Current Series

Be Rich 2022 Graphic

In October, we have a new series called Give, Serve, Love where your student will learn how to slow down and notice the needs of the people around them as Be Rich season begins.

Middle schoolers will have an opportunity to serve in a practical way during Transit on October 23, when we’ll spend part of our morning writing notes of encouragement and gratitude to teachers in our community. These notes will be added to snack baskets to deliver to local schools to show teachers Transit students are FOR them.

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