Child Dedication

Raising the next generation together

family walking together in a field

“Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise.”

—Andy Stanley

Children are a heritage of the Lord, and we believe that raising the next generation in a growing relationship with God is one of the greatest things we can accomplish together.

We have created a three-step process in what we hope is a life-long partnership between parents, the church, and our heavenly Father. 

Child Dedication is available to all parents of preschoolers (birth–Pre-K) who attend our church and complete our process:

  • First Step – An event that helps lay a foundation of intentional parenting, and a plan of partnership between parents of preschoolers and the local church.
  • Second Step – An event for preschool parents who want to learn more about Child Dedication. Together, we explore what dedication is and isn’t, why we do it, God’s role, the church’s role, and the role of parents.
  • Third Step – The public commitment of parents and the church community to raise and invest in a child to one day have a faith of their own. 

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