UpStreet Plus

A new strategy that provides digital small group connections for your kids during this unique season

elementary aged boy on virtual call

Providing Digital Small Group Connections

The win of UpStreet+ is that your child is connected with a small group of other kids and a leader or two. We believe these relationships are incredibly important and will be a way for them to continue conversations started by UpStreet digital content about following Jesus and loving others. You have an important part in helping make this happen—we are asking parents to opt in to UpStreet+. Once you opt in, your kids will not only get access to the content, they will also be connected to a group. We recognize this initiative will take intentionality on your part as their parent/guardian. We think it will be a huge win, but we need your help to make it great.

If you choose not to opt in, your kids will still be able to watch UpStreet online and access other digital content offerings.