Student Safety

Protocols to keep your Transit student safe

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To keep your students and our volunteers safe, we will follow these protocols:

  • Drop-Off and Pickup:
    • Please pull into a parking space.
    • Drop-off for the 9:15 a.m. service is at 9:00 a.m. Pick up is at 10:20 a.m.
    • Drop-off for the 11:15 a.m. service is at 11:00 a.m. Pick up is at 12:20 p.m.
  • Masks are required.
  • There will be multiple places for students to access hand sanitizer.
  • Each group will have a designated area to maintain appropriate social distancing.
  • If anyone in your family is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, or is in quarantine from work or school, please refrain from attending our gathering.