If Money Talked

Session Three: A Flipped Script

Session Three Video
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Summary: You are most likely doing all the right things with your money. But are you doing them in the right order? Jesus has a suggestion that might sound ludicrous... until you give it a try. 

After you watch the video, take some time to answer the Questions for Reflection below and to complete the exercises in the Money Exercise.

1. Andy used a new car as an example of the principle that “what gets our money gets our attention.” What’s one example of something that got your money and consequently got your attention?

2. When you think about giving away a percentage of your money (and doing it first), what tensions begin to surface? Check all that apply.

  • What if I need that money one day?
  • It will take me longer to save (for a house, car, retirement, etc.).
  • That money belongs to me. I worked hard for it.
  • It will take me longer to pay off my debt.
  • I might not have enough to give some away. I have bills to pay.
  • I don’t know what cause or organization I’d give to.
  • Other members of my family won’t be on board with this.
  • Can I give later (e.g., after I get that promotion or pay off my student loan)?
  • I already give more than most people.
  • I won’t be able to make ends meet.
  • Other

Take 30 minutes to sit down and review the expenses you’ve tracked so far by working through these steps.

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