Time With God

Establishing a Habit of Connecting with God

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Reed Moore

Do you wish you could hear from God?

In our relationships with other people, we grow by being present and listening to each other. The same is true for our relationship with God.

God desires a close relationship with each one of us.

But we must choose to make time for him and to quiet the world around us to hear from him.

We want to help you create a habit of spending consistent time with God.

We’ve provided a short video with tips on connecting with God. We’ve also provided a way to access reading plans to get you started.

Prayer Walk


Use these prompts to thank God for all he's done and pray over our community and the world.

Pray With Us

band and singers on stage in front of attendees at night of worship


Listen to this Spotify playlist of songs sung together at Gwinnett Church.

Worship With Us