FOR Project

Spread some love to those around you.

white shirt with the word for in black letters

As a church, we want to be a group of people who are so intentionally for others that our community would experience and believe that God is for them as well.

We’ve made it easy for you to show someone you are for them with a list of simple ideas to love and serve the people around you. Imagine what could happen if each of us chose to do one small act of kindness for someone in our lives. We could make a big impact on our community in this month and beyond!

  1. Write a note of appreciation to a teacher you know.

  2. Put a surprise treat on a co-worker’s desk.

  3. Write a welcome note or leave a gift card for someone new in your neighborhood.

  4. Deliver flowers to a neighbor who experiencing a difficult time.

  5. Invite someone who lives alone to dinner at your home.
  1. Pay for the coffee or a meal for the car behind you in a drive-thru line.

  2. Deliver a meal or dessert to your local fire or police station.

  3. Provide a meal for hospital staff on a specific floor of the hospital.

  4. Leave a thank-you note and a gift card in your mailbox for the mail carrier.

  5. Write a note of appreciation to someone who is serving or has served in the