Transit Promotion Sunday

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All our students just got a promotion!

June 2 is Promotion Sunday in Transit (6th–8th grade)! We’ll kick off summer as everyone moves up a grade, and we’ll welcome a new class of 6th graders to Transit!

You’ll drop off your student at the Student Building doors, they’ll wave goodbye and check themselves in (make sure they have your phone number memorized), and you’ll see each other in an hour! Don’t forget to decide where you’ll meet after the service.

Parents of 6th graders, come back the next week (June 9) for a chance to meet your student’s small group leaders!

We look forward to partnering with you over the next three years. From camps to outings to special events, we’re excited for the opportunities your student will have to experience a deeper connection with their heavenly Father and develop a faith of their own!