September Challenge

Gwinnett Church campus, building

This month, we invite you to participate in the September Challenge and practice these three habits. We're excited to grow together as a church - spiritually, physically, and relationally. 

1. Read a Proverb a Day
You can choose a Proverb on your own, or sign up to receive a Proverb and a short devotional thought each day. 

2. Exercise
Exercise for 20 minutes at least three times a week. It could be a 20-minute walk, a quick session at the gym, or a routine you find on YouTube. 

Our physical health is a big part of our mental health. 

3. Put Away the Phone During Meals
If you’re sharing a meal with someone, be present. Have conversations. Ask the person across from you about their day. If you’re alone, take the time to give your mind and heart a break.

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