6th Grade Camp

Introducing 6th Graders to the Transit Experience

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August 23–25

It's almost camp time! 

Starting middle school is a big transition in a student’s life. It can be intimidating and even lonely. A small group of solid friends and caring adults will make a world of difference in this season, but meaningful community can be hard to establish.

At 6th Grade Camp, the content from the stage, small group activities, and exciting games are shared experiences designed to jump-start friendships and strengthen bonds in your student’s new small group. The memories created at this camp will become a foundation they will build upon throughout their years in Transit. Most importantly, this weekend will help students begin to discover and pursue a faith of their own.

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Packing List

We are nervous about this being our student’s first weekend away. What safety precautions have you implemented?

Each year, hundreds of parents trust us with their students for their first weekend away. We take their safety very seriously and keep a low leader to student ratio. Dozens of staff members are also onsite the entire weekend.

Will there be a medical professional at camp?

Yes. We will have two registered nurses at camp at all times. If your student needs to bring medication, you can leave it with a nurse at check-in to dispense at camp.

What if my student has a food allergy?

Please include allergy information on your student’s registration, and we will be happy to accommodate your student and provide alternative meal options as needed.

When is drop-off (check-in) and pickup for the weekend?

Check-in is at Gwinnett Church on Friday, August 23, at 6:30 p.m., and pickup is at Gwinnett Church on Sunday, August 25, at 1:00 p.m.

Where is 6th Grade Camp?

Camp is hosted at the Georgia FFA-FCCLA Center.

What if my sixth grader doesn’t know many other students?

Then 6th Grade Camp is the perfect place to be! Students will form healthy relationships in their small groups that they will build on for the next three years.

What if my student has a conflicting event or game?

Your student won’t regret prioritizing 6th Grade Camp over an outside activity! While we would love for your student to attend the entire retreat, if that isn’t possible, you may pick them up early.

Will there actually be “camping” at 6th Grade Camp?

No. 6th Grade Camp is not a camping trip. Small groups stay in air-conditioned cabins with their adult leaders. Don’t worry about packing a tent.

What's the dress code?

Tops must have straps and be full-length. Shorts should be an appropriate length.

One piece bathing suits for girls. Full-length, loose-fitting swim trunks for guys.

How do you determine the cost per student for your events?

Many factors play into this decision, and you may be surprised to learn that our events do not pay for themselves. A portion of our annual Transit budget supplements the event cost to help minimize what parents pay for their student to attend. Some cost factors include: the facility rental, transportation, meals, production, medical professionals, lifeguards, and much more. Additionally, since we ask so much of our small group leaders, when you pay for your student to attend one of our events, a portion of that money is used to cover the cost of their leader.

Is there financial assistance available?

Yes. We have scholarships available to families that need assistance. We never want a student to miss an event because of financial issues. You can apply here.

What if I need to cancel?

Please email [email protected] as soon as you know you need to cancel your student’s registration for the event.

Contact us at [email protected]

Financial Assistance
Fill out a needs-based scholarship application

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