Guest Services Volunteers

Guest Services Volunteers

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Every Sunday is someone’s first Sunday at Gwinnett Church.

Our Guest Services team has the immense privilege of creating a remarkable guest experience for every person who decides to visit our church. We believe that we show our guests that God is FOR them by how well we SERVE them.

Check out the short video below for a snapshot of who we are and how you can join the Guest Services team.

Here is a picture of our different teams within Guest Services:

Parking Team: Provide a warm welcome, clear direction for vehicles and guests in crosswalks, and a fond farewell.

Ushers: Initiate with a warm greeting, friendly presence, and clear directions to an available seat.

Greeter: Provide a warm welcome, a friendly presence, and a fond farewell.

Wagoneer Team: Provide a fun and safe wagon ride by pulling preschoolers from the parking lot to the church entrance.

If you are interested in learning more, the next step is to let us know! After you fill out the following information, we will be in touch with you within 48 hours.