Starting Point Leader

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Starting Point leader!

Starting Point is a conversational environment for people who want to explore their faith. It’s about introducing or reintroducing people to God’s overarching story by walking them through the major themes of the Bible—creation, brokenness, law, rebellion, and grace. These themes aren’t just the pillars of the Bible’s story; they’re the pillars of each of our personal stories.

Starting Point isn’t a classroom environment where these themes are taught. It’s a place where group members connect to them in practical, personal, and meaningful ways. This leads them into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Creating a dynamic conversational environment like Starting Point requires skilled group leaders that are willing to put group members’ needs ahead of their own. Prioritizing conversation over teaching is not for everyone, but it’s the key to making Starting Point a safe environment in which people can take the first step to connecting or reconnecting with God.

Starting Point’s success depends on great leaders. Because of this, we take great care in enlisting, training, and developing them. Read through the following information to better understand the role of a leader, as well as the steps to becoming one. If, after prayer and careful consideration, you are still interested in pursuing Starting Point leadership, please follow the instructions below.

Once you complete and submit your application, we’ll contact your references and then contact you to schedule an interview.

Leader’s Role
Each week the Starting Point leader facilitates conversation around a specific topic while asking questions that engage group members. Although teaching is important, we prioritize asking questions in order to encourage conversation.

Leaders who are growing in their own relationship with Jesus are the most successful at encouraging group members. An effective leader doesn’t only spend time in group meetings, but schedules occasional one-on-one meetings with group members. He or she also participates in ongoing training and development provided by the church.

A Starting Point group leader must:

  • Have a personal, growing relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Recognize the Bible as the authority for his or her life
  • Be a member of a North Point Ministries, Inc., campus
  • Have the time to lead a group
  • Have the emotional capacity to lead a group
  • Have the moral discernment to lead a group

How do you become a leader?
Interested? Begin the application process. If you have questions, contact Starting Point staff at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Your campus Starting Point staff will then lead you through the application process. The steps are:

  1. Complete and submit an application.
  2. Meet with the Starting Point staff.
  3. Attend a New Leader Orientation (upon approval).
  4. Apprentice with an experienced leader.
  5. Debrief your experience with your co-leader(s) and the staff.